Cabaret at the Merc Presents: An Evening with Stephen Schwartz

Cabaret at the Merc Presents: An Evening with Stephen Schwartz

In musical theater, there are a small handful of cities that have the honor of hosting the upper echelon of Broadway-caliber talent; New York, Los Angeles, London… Temecula? Well, we do now. On Monday, September 22nd, the popular monthly series Cabaret at the Merc presents an evening with one of the biggest names in theater, renowned Broadway composer, Stephen Schwartz.

Natalie Mann with Ed Yarnelle - Classics @ the Merc

Classics at the Merc: Natalie Mann with Ed Yarnelle

When award-winning Opera Soprano Natalie Mann takes the stage in Old Town this weekend, she shares not only beautiful music but a full narrative about the circle of one woman’s life. Accompanied by pianist Ed Yarnelle, Mann will get the chance to show an audience what a full musical education can produce.

The Untitled John Mayer Project

New Musical Based On the Work of John Mayer Premieres in Old Town

When Cabaret at the Merc Producers, J. Scott Lapp and Jordan Beck, were planning their first Summer Series, they wanted to end their hugely popular season with something extra special. After exploring the work of numerous contemporary artists, Beck and Lapp chose Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum recording artist, John Mayer.

West Side Story presented by Temecula Valley Players at Old Town Temecula Community Theater

Temecula Valley Players Keep it Cool with West Side Story

When the Temecula Valley Players chose to produce the award-winning musical, “West Side Story,” Director Allisan Whitman was presented with the tremendous challenge of casting the iconic roles of star-crossed lovers, Tony and Maria; theatrical parts that require a trilogy of performance abilities: singing, dancing and acting.

The Perfect Art of Imperfection Mosaic Artist Troi O'Rourke

Artist Troi O’Rourke Brings Mosaics to Old Town

Inspired by the whimsical work of Spanish artist Antoni Gaudi, Temecula resident Troi O’Rourke opened Barcelona Mosaics, where she creates extravagant works of art from previously ordinary objects.

ZOFO Duet - The Universe and Beyond

ZOFO Duet Prove Four Hands Are Better Than One

Have you ever seen two people sit down to a piano and play “Heart and Soul?” Well, this is nothing like that.

Trio Ellas perform at Old Town Temecula Theater

Trio Ellas Mixes Latin Music with American Pop for a Unique Sound

The music of Trio Ellas is hard to describe, even for them. When they come to the Old Town Temecula Community Theater this week, Trio Ellas will showcase their mix of their most recent, as well as their classic, song selections.

Led ZepAgain performs at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater

Stairway to Temecula: Led ZepAgain Plays Old Town

How many teenage boys have spent hours relentlessly laboring over the used guitar they mowed hundreds of lawns to purchase, just to finally squeak out the opening riff of “Stairway to Heaven?” With a tremendous admiration for the music of the legendary English group, Jim Wootten and his band mates have taken their love for Led Zeppelin to the highest possible level.

Classics at the Merc logo

Classics at the Merc: Louise Farrenc Piano Quintet

When the Louise Farrenc Piano Quintet first played at the Merc earlier this year, their performance included several works by the Nineteenth Century French composer and pianist of the same name. When they return to Old Town this Sunday, they will expand their repertoire with pieces by a variety of composers.

Ahrens & Flaherty

Cabaret at the Merc: Ahrens & Flaherty

It may still be a secret to some, but Cabaret at the Merc still manages to pack the house with eager musical theater enthusiasts every month. For the August 31st installment, Cabaret at the Merc presents the music of songwriting duo, Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty.