Classics at the Merc - Ayrton Pisco and Suzanne Shick

Classics at the Merc: Pisco and Shick

The recital series Classics at the Merc, curated by Robert Culverhouse, Jr. in consultation with Dana Zimbric, Artistic Director and Conductor of the California Chamber Orchestra, has been makes classical music personal and accessible to Inland Empire residents; highlighting the talents of concert hall-caliber artists in an intimate setting. On Sunday, May 24th, the series welcomes Brazilian Violinist, Ayrton Pisco and Pianist Suzanne Shick.

Reality Rally Festival in Temecula

Race to the Reality Rally this Weekend! It’s Amazing!

Do you sit in front of the TV, watching shows like “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” and think to yourself, “I could totally be on this show.” Well, now is your chance to test your reality show skills while supporting a very good cause.

Honey Whiskey Trio puts the fun in folk music

Honey Whiskey Trio Put the Fun in Folk Music

When you think about folk music, the mind may evoke images of an elderly man with a long beard strumming a banjo or a flower-wreathed child of the sixties singing an acoustic version of “Puff the Magic Dragon.” The members of the Honey Whiskey Trio are blowing those misconceptions right out of the water.

Avocado Dance Theatre 2015

Avocado Dance Theatre Showcases Local Talent at a Professional Level

It may not be Los Angeles or New York, but the City of Temecula offers its own unique cultural opportunities that rival even the largest metropolis. With theater groups, art galleries and concerts abound, the local Avocado Dance Theatre completes the last piece of the artistic puzzle.

The Addams Family Musical

The Addams Family Musical Comes to Temecula

Based on Charles Addams’ one-panel comic strip about an usual family of frights, “The Addams Family” television show first premiered in 1964. Although it only ran for two seasons, the show, with its creepily catchy theme song and crazy cast of characters, has made an indelible mark on pop culture. The antics of Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, and their wacky extended family have been reproduced, and imitated, on television and in film for decades. And now they have been put to music.

River North Dance Chicago

River North Dance Chicago Combines Athleticism with Accessibility

Although River North Dance Chicago is world-renowned for their athleticism, creativity and modern technique, Artistic Director Frank Chaves wants everyone to feel comfortable attending their performances, regardless of any prior knowledge of the genre. “We are known for being very accessible and very approachable,” Chaves said in a recent phone interview.

Youth Musical Theater presents Cinderella

Cinderella’s Coach Rides into Old Town

Everyone knows the classic story of the beautiful young girl who longs for the day when her handsome prince comes to take her away from her evil stepmother, but regardless of how many times we may have heard or seen the timeless tale, we just can’t get enough of Cinderella. Experience the magic once again when the City of Temecula Youth Musical Theater presents “Cinderella,” this week at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater.

Sonic Escape at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater

Sonic Escape Is More than Just an Instrumental Trio

Violinist Maria Kaneko Millar, Flutist Shawn Wyckoff and Cellist Nan-Cheng Chen were all accomplished musicians in their own right, having played solo performances in some of the most highly regarded venues in the country including Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center and even the Library of Congress. It wasn’t until this trio of Julliard graduates joined together to form Sonic Escape that something truly unique was born.

The Ooks of Hazzard at Old Town Temecula Community Theater

Move Over Bo and Luke: The Ooks of Hazzard are Coming to Temecula

When I say the word “ukulele,” what comes to your mind? Perhaps you imagine a large Polynesian guy on a hammock, strumming the strings under a palm tree at sunset? Well, the ukulele has come a long way, baby, and you can see exactly how far when The Ooks of Hazzard come to the Old Town Temecula Community Theater this Friday night.

Beatles vs Stones at Old Town Temecula Community Theater

British Musical Tribute Bands Invade Temecula

I remember once talking to my mom about what it was like to be a teenager in the late sixties and she always described about how girls back then were identified in one of two ways; Beatles fans or Rolling Stones fans. According to Mom, the “good girls” were gaga for The Fab Four from Liverpool and there was, of course, the eternal debate about whether you were “a Paul” or “a John.