Comedy show "Laughs" tapes at Pechanga Comedy Club

Comedy Show “Laughs” Tapes at Pechanga

Want to hear something funny? The stand-up comedy television show “Laughs,” entering its second season on Fox networks, will be taping at the Comedy Club at Pechanga now through the end of the year!

Comedian Jeff Garcia at Pechanga

Comedian Jeff Garcia Spends Valentine’s Day at Pechanga

Comedian Jeff Garcia is such a family man that he conducted our phone interview from his son’s baseball team party; not wanting to miss all the fun. Having concentrated on children’s entertainment, it seems as though many of Garcia’s career choices were geared towards those little athletes.

Comedian Johnny Sanchez at Pechanga

Comedian Johnny Sanchez Puts the Fun in Funny

Comedian Johnny Sanchez is still one of the best; having a unique and comforting ability to make a personal connection with every member of his crowd. “I’m a storyteller-style stand up, so I create visuals and original characters throughout my act and what makes me unique is my ability to connect with the audience,” Sanchez said.

Jeff Capri at the Comedy Club at Pechanga

Jeff Capri Comes to the Comedy Club at Pechanga

Jeff Capri didn’t really have to think too much when it came to making his career choice. He just decided to join the family business. A stand-up veteran, Capri has performed at venues all over the world; and at a few places that can’t really be called “venues.”

Comedian Vince Morris performs at the Comedy Club at Pechanga

Vince Morris Doesn’t Take His Career for Granted

Comedian Vince Morris has an intrapersonal struggle. Regardless of his insecurities, Morris has never doubted his choice of profession. Morris seems to be doing alright for himself, having not only headlined at comedy clubs all over the country but he can also boast numerous television appearances including BET’s Comic View, HBO’s Def Comedy Jam and his own half-hour special on Comedy Central.

Nick Swardson

Comedian Nick Swardson Headlines at Pechanga

Something tells me that I’m about ten years older than the core audience of comedian and actor, Nick Swardson, but he definitely wins the award for the most references to flatulence in one interview. When Swardson comes to the Pechanga Theater this Saturday, the subject matter will be much of the same so his loyal fans should be satisfied with what they see.

Quinn Dahle at Pechanga Comedy Club

Comedian Quinn Dahle Headlines Comedy Club at Pechanga

Quinn Dahle is a frequent face on comedy television, appearing on shows including “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “Lopez Tonight,” and “Last Call with Carson Daly,” and has worked with dozens of the biggest stars in comedy including Dane Cook, Tim Allen, Dana Carvey and the late Robin Williams.

Lewis Black: The Rant is Due

Lewis Black is More Than Just Angry

Fans of comedian, actor and author Lewis Black may describe him as angry, irritated or even beligerant but, after speaking with him for quite some time about his career, his background and what he finds important, the one word I would use would to describe him would be compassionate.

Comedian Roy Wood, Jr. at the Comedy Club at Pechanga

Roy Wood, Jr. Returns to Pechanga a New Man

The last time I spoke to Roy Wood Jr., he told me about a pilot he had just shot for TBS based on the stand up material of fellow comic, Steve Byrne. That series, “Sullivan and Son,” is now in its third season and has become an established hit for the cable network.

Dwayne Perkins at Pechanga Comedy Club

Dwayne Perkins Is Honestly Funny

Comedian Dwayne Perkins believes the truth will set you free. When he comes to the Comedy Club at Pechanga this weekend, Perkins isn’t looking to impress the crowd with his accomplishments. He simply wants to share with them what he finds funny.