9 Weightlifting Terms That Sound Dirty


Recently I started a great job at a health and fitness facility which offers CrossFit and, although I don’t personally do too much heavy lifting, all around me are elite athletes as well as regular folk pushing weighted objects over their heads. What I didn’t know going in was, in the Olympic lifting community, they have their own kind of language; a series of words and phrases you rarely, if ever, hear in the outside world. And…it’s…hilarious.

The Top 9 Weightlifting Terms that Sound Dirty

1. Squat: They tell you to push your butt back and spread the floor with your feet.

2. Thruster: Give it your all.

3. Clean and Jerk: At least they’re cleaning it first.

4. Snatch: They actually clean this one, too. Nice to know the hygiene is mutual.

5. Downward Dog: Technically yes, this is a yoga move done during the post-work out mobility, but c’mon. It’s a timeless classic.

6. Inverted Pigeon: It’s what’s under the downward dog.

7. Rack: They prefer big ones.

8. Push Jerk: Hopefully cleaned first.

And finally…

9. Box: Some of you may argue that this is specifically a CrossFit word not used in general weightlifting but, in this instance, I’m actually referring to a the square wooden object the athletes jump on. It made the list due to this recently overhead – and glorious – double entendre:

“If you have a big enough box, you can fit four people.”

So, basically my work day is a plethora of “That’s what she said,” moments but, sometimes I have to act professional. So thank you for letting me finally get this off my chest…or I guess I should say, my rack.

*Incidentally, I’m putting together a weight loss challenge to help my neighbors in the Inland Empire lose pounds and get healthy. It starts October 10th and is going to be a ton of fun! Click here for more information.

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