Together Freedom Fit Comp Benefits Victims of Sex Trafficking

Fitness Competition Raises Money to Combat Human Trafficking

On Saturday, August 13th, Together Freedom will be hosting the 2nd Annual Together Freedom Fitness Competition, at P4L Fitness in Temecula, as a way to raise funds to rescue young girls from human trafficking and provide them the services and support they need to recover.

9 Weightlifting Terms that Sound Dirty

9 Weightlifting Terms That Sound Dirty

Recently I started a great job at a health and fitness facility which offers CrossFit and, although I don’t personally do too much heavy lifting, all around me are elite athletes as well as regular folk pushing weighted objects over their heads. What I didn’t know going in was, in the Olympic lifting community, they have their own kind of language; a series of words and phrases you rarely, if ever, hear in the outside world. And it’s hilarious.