CrossFit traniers Eddie Scheidler and Kelsey Kaliher participate in the Three Wise Men Tribute

Local CrossFit Gym Hosts “Three Wise Men” Fundraising Workout on Veterans Day

On Veterans Day, the nation pauses to honor our living military heroes but, for one Temecula business owner, the holiday is about raising funds to improve the lives of those who have sacrificed to preserve our freedom.

9 Weightlifting Terms that Sound Dirty

9 Weightlifting Terms That Sound Dirty

Recently I started a great job at a health and fitness facility which offers CrossFit and, although I don’t personally do too much heavy lifting, all around me are elite athletes as well as regular folk pushing weighted objects over their heads. What I didn’t know going in was, in the Olympic lifting community, they have their own kind of language; a series of words and phrases you rarely, if ever, hear in the outside world. And it’s hilarious.