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How to Stop Hating Valentine’s Day (and Maybe Use it to Your Advantage)

And in conclusion…

For those of you who may be wondering, none of the locations mentioned in this article have paid to participate. I just felt these selections were a good sampling of the numerous options for celebrating the Feast of Valentinus and, as always, just because your favorite hang out isn’t listed here doesn’t mean they won’t be planning their own romantic agenda. So, it always pays to give them a call.

Olivia Newton John "Physical"Finally, if I still haven’t managed to dissuade you from your stubborn disgust for all things Valentine, consider this logical approach –

Valentine’s Day is known to make people more amorous than usual. Maybe it’s the aphrodisiac effects from the chocolate or the way the dimly lit restaurant brings out the sparkle in their loved one’s eyes but, whatever the reason, going through with one of these dates is about the best chance you have to get lucky with that special someone. In the immortal words of my idol, Olivia Newton John, “Let’s get physical.”

So why not give Valentine’s Day a chance? Make the dinner reservation, pick up one perfect long-stemmed rose and consider that box of chalky Conversation Hearts as 79 cents worth of foreplay. You’ll be glad you did.

(Oh, like you weren’t thinking it.)

Happy Valentine’s Day from What’s Up? Temecula!

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Holly Herndon

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