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Get Sauced at Europa Village La Tomatina

Event Details:

  • What: La Tomatina 2015
  • When: Sunday, August 23, 2015 at 4:00pm
  • Where: Europa Village Winery

Stock up on Tide To Go pens because that new souvenir t-shirt is about to get saucy!

On Sunday, August 23rd at 4:00 pm, Europa Village Winery once again taps in to Spanish culture with their own version of the La Tomatina Festival; the decades-old tradition in Buñol, Spain where thousands of attendees hurl the plump red fruits (yes, they are fruits) at one another; turning the streets into a big bowl of marinara.

For Europa Village Winery’s version of the epic event, participants will first enjoy live music and a gourmet meal before being pelted with produce.

The afternoon begins with a glass of Europa wine and a tomato-kissed lunch prepared by their acclaimed Executive Chef Dean Thomas. The menu includes smoked pork torta with sofrito sauce, avocado slaw and couscous salad prepared with tomatoes, mint, cucumbers and golden raisins. The lunch entrée will be followed by mojito-style strawberries, spoon cream and amaretto cookies. Diners will be treated to live music by Melissa Q while they enjoy their meal.

Best to finish everything on your plate because you’re going to need your energy for what’s next! This is the time you throw on the t-shirt you were given at the door because Europa then leads you to an open space in their vineyard and allows you to let loose on the other guests; throwing, squishing and smooshing tomatoes until barrels run out and they officially declare a tomato fight champion.

Tickets for La Tomatina 2015 are $34 per person; $31 wine club. For tickets and additional information on how you can participate in this year’s food fight fun, visit the Europa Village Winery website.

So, get your tickets to the Europa Village Winery’s La Tomatina 2105 while you can or else you’ll be playing ketchup!

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Holly Herndon

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