Old Town Temecula Community Theater celebrates a new season

Old Town Temecula Community Theater Celebrates a Star-Studded New Season

The Old Town Temecula Community Theater’s new season’s schedule includes new additions as well as returning favorites from resident companies. Popular performance series’ including classical, dance, groove, legends, Hawaiian, big band and many others are back this year with exciting new guest performers and shows.

Old Town Temecula Community Theater presents Fiddler on the Roof

Renovated Old Town Theater Reopens with Fiddler on the Roof

Presented by OTTCT resident company, the Temecula Valley Players, Fiddler on the Roof was first performed on Broadway in 1964, only to be revived numerous times on stage as well as in film; receiving critical acclaim and numerous of awards and accolades.

"The Altos" murder mystery dinner at Europa Village Winery

Hey Paisanos – Europa Village Winery Presents “The Altos” Murder Mystery Dinner

“The Altos” is a comedy spoof of the award-winning HBO series, The Sopranos; which picks up right where the drama left off – at Tony’s funeral (or is it)?

Cabaret at the Merc

Cabaret at the Merc Summer Series: A Trio of Broadway-Style Productions

Before the Old Town Temecula Community Theater began renovations earlier this year, the Barn Stage Company’s popular series, Cabaret at the Merc, brought Broadway-caliber musical entertainment to the 48-seat Mercantile Theater. Though the monthly show gives audiences a taste of musical numbers from popular genres and Broadway’s best, Cabaret at the Merc’s annual Summer Series stages full-scale productions of some of musical theater’s hottest shows.

Participate in the contest to name the new special needs park in Temecula

Special Needs Park Hosts Summer Program

When the City of Temecula debuted the Eagle Soar Playground and Splash Pad, designed for children and families with special needs, it was just one more example of how our city leaders strive to include every member of the community in the fun. Now, Thursdays at Eagle Soar will feature even more fun and learning activities with special needs children and families in mind.

Shrek: the Musical

Calling All Fairytale Characters! Shrek: the Musical is Here

“Shrek: the Musical” is a singing and dancing retelling of the journey of title hero and his talking donkey best friend to save the beautiful Princess Fiona from the evil Lord Farquaad. Without giving too much of the plot away, it ends with everyone living (spoiler alert) happily ever after. Now the Broadway hit comes to our own backyard when the City of Temecula Youth Musical Theater brings “Shrek: the Musical” to the Temecula Valley High School Golden Bear’s Auditorium this week.

Temecula Valley High School presents Carrie the Musical

Prom Night Fright! TVHS Presents Carrie: The Musical

Stephen King’s novel “Carrie,” the haunting tale of a teenage outcast using her telekinetic abilities to exact revenge on her vicious classmates, has been adapted into numerous genres including film and stage plays, but you might be surprised to learn that the morbid and controversial subject matter of King’s prom night fright actually fest lends itself well to music.

The Addams Family Musical

The Addams Family Musical Comes to Temecula

Based on Charles Addams’ one-panel comic strip about an usual family of frights, “The Addams Family” television show first premiered in 1964. Although it only ran for two seasons, the show, with its creepily catchy theme song and crazy cast of characters, has made an indelible mark on pop culture. The antics of Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, and their wacky extended family have been reproduced, and imitated, on television and in film for decades. And now they have been put to music.

Youth Musical Theater presents Cinderella

Cinderella’s Coach Rides into Old Town

Everyone knows the classic story of the beautiful young girl who longs for the day when her handsome prince comes to take her away from her evil stepmother, but regardless of how many times we may have heard or seen the timeless tale, we just can’t get enough of Cinderella. Experience the magic once again when the City of Temecula Youth Musical Theater presents “Cinderella,” this week at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater.

Vince Lombardi

One-Man Play Honors the Life of Vince Lombardi

You don’t have to be a football fan to know that the legendary Green Bay Packers Head Coach, Vince Lombardi, was one of a kind. Though nobody can replace the late sports icon, who passed away in 1970, actor, director, producer and motivational speaker, John Pinero comes pretty darn close.