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TVIFF: “A Lesson of Love” Proves Love Conquers All

The production of Writer / Director Micheal McAlexander’s film, “A Lesson of Love,” was truly a labor of love.

“The movie is self-financed and we shot it for only $20,000, plus another $15,000 later for post-production costs like color correction and sound mixing,” McAlexander said. “I had to write with the budget in mind. We took great care to make sure we made use of everything we had to make the film look great and everyone who sees the film thinks it looks like a much more expensive movie.”

“A Lesson of Love” explores the struggles of two individuals fighting to save their love, despite their extreme lifestyle differences.

“It is the story of Thomas Aquinas Moore, a professor from Los Angeles, recruited to teach at a small town college, who falls in love with Abigail Meeks, a deeply religious local woman,” McAlexander said. “Their unlikely love is torn apart by one’s commitment to faith and the other’s devotion to reason. They both must overcome deep-rooted fears and age-old prejudices to hold on to the love they both desperately need.”

Set in the mountains of Appalachia, “A Lesson of Love” stars Darin Singleton as Thomas and Constance Brenneman as Abigail.

“One of the film’s greatest successes is my lead actors,” McAlexander said. “We spent over three weeks casting the movie in Los Angeles and we were very lucky to find Constance and Darin. They are both amazing in the movie and were a joy to work with. I count myself extremely lucky to have found them and working with them was indeed a pleasure.”

The film also stars former Disney child star turned Writer / Director, Michael McGreevey as the Reverend.

“It was a great honor to work with Michael,” McAlexander said.

For McAlexander, having “A Lesson of Love” chosen for the Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival was validation for the heart and soul he invested in the production of the film.

“As a filmmaker, you put years and years of effort into a project and there is always that voice in your head saying ‘Is this good? Will people want to watch it? Have I wasted years of my life?’” he said. “Then a group of people who love films so much they want to bring together over a hundred of them and screen them in their community says ‘Hey your film is pretty good and we want other people to see it.’ It’s amazing. “

McAlexander loosely based his film on a similar experience in his own life and he knows his audience can relate to the sacrifices we all make for true love.

“’A Lesson of Love’ deals with some tough issues, but at its heart it’s a love story,” McAlexander said. “It’s about two people trying to connect through love even though they have very different beliefs. Love is hard enough to find in this world and, when you do find it, nothing should stand in its way.”

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