From the Cul De Sac: I Tweet, Therefore I Am


As a freelance writer and columnist, I recently decided that I needed to establish more of a social media identity, in an attempt to more closely interact with my readers.

Though my stay-at-home mom / day job persona has a thriving Facebook page, the “writer” side of me is pretty much an online mystery. Honestly, part of me doesn’t understand why anyone would want to know what I’m thinking or feeling at any given time.

But, on the other hand, I’m a sarcastic person by nature and social media can be the perfect outlet for my sense of humor. So, this week I decided to join the ranks of teenagers, up-and-coming celebrities, and “The Bachelorette” enthusiasts (myself included) and join Twitter.

Sure, it does take up a lot of your time, if you let it, but “tweeting” does have its benefits. In addition to being able to strike up a mild, hashtag-filled, flirtation with one of the Imagination Movers – yes, I did that – Twitter is a great source of information about the Inland Empire community.

I’ve found a number of great Twitter accounts that are really helping spread the word about everything the Temecula Valley has to offer. Below you will find a few of my favorites.

Temecula Foodies (@TemeculaFoodies)

This account highlights the best of the culinary community in Temecula and surrounding areas. They spotlight new restaurants, specialty dishes, festivals and everything you need to fill your bellies. It’s local food porn at its finest.

Old Town Temecula Community Theater (@TemeculaTheater)

Not only does the theater social media team promote their own awesome concerts, musicals, dance performances and more, the Temecula Theater Twitter shares all arts and cultural events in the area. They frequently “retweet” posts from groups and artists like the Fine Arts Network and the Barn Stage Company. It’s a one-stop shop for the arts in the area.

Temecula Valley Visitors Bureau (@visit_temecula)

The Temecula Valley Visitors Bureau does a great job of not only sharing facts about what you’ll find within the City of Temecula, but also for wine country, Pechanga Resort & Casino and beyond. If you still think the valley is all dirt roads and horse trails, check out the TTVB.

What’s Up? Temecula (@WhatsUpTemecula)

Obviously this is my own website’s Twitter page. But, if you are looking for an event or activity in Temecula, Murrieta or anywhere in South Riverside County, it’s on this page. I use Twitter to not only share my stories, but retweet anything that I think sounds fun and exciting in the valley. Need something to do this weekend? What’s Up? Temecula is where you look.

So, overall, I’m giving Twitter a #thumbsup for helpful information and entertainment value. If you have an account, I’d love you to follow me @hollyintemecula and “tweet” me some of your favorite pages. I’m not political or controversial or anything, but I might make you laugh.

Now, forgive me, but I have to go. I need to go live tweet “The Bachelorette.”

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Holly Herndon

Holly Herndon

Holly has been covering arts & entertainment in the Temecula Valley for as long as she has been a part of the community. She loves San Diego sports almost as much as she loves her family.

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