Annoyed woman

There’s Nothing Wrong With Me: The Story of My Hormones, or Lack Thereof

There was no way I had a hormone imbalance. I didn’t feel sick. I didn’t feel depressed. There was nothing medically wrong with me. I was only 38 years old, for God sakes. My hormones were fine. But then I started to do a little research.

Meat and vegetable kabobs, a Whole30 meal

I Failed at the Whole30, But Hear Me Out…

Whole30 is a paleo-esque 30-day program which started as a New York Times bestselling book by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. According to their website, Whole30 is a “short-term nutritional reset designed to help you put an end to unhealthy cravings and habits, restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, and balance your immune system.” In layman’s terms, you are eating cleanly for 30 days, in order to give your body time to flush out toxins from processed foods and kick the addiction to sugar that we all have, whether we know it or not.

Happy Mother's Day

Forgot about Mother’s Day? We’ve Got You Covered

Mother’s Day is now less than a week away and, if you haven’t put any thought into the occasion, What’s Up? Temecula has a few ideas and suggestions that are much better than running to Albertson’s early Sunday morning and grabbing one of those pre-made bouquets (although they are better than nothing.)

79 South CrossFit training camp

How CrossFit Changes You From the Inside Out

I realized that starting a new fitness regime was a perfect topic for a personal column so, not being one to go “undercover,” I let 79 South CrossFit co-owner, Quinn Cloninger, know what I was going to be doing. This allowed me to conduct interviews with trainers and learn the ins-and-outs of the CrossFit experience without hiding my true identity (I’m Batman).

Temecula landmarks quiz - how well do you know temecula

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Temecula?

How well do you know Temecula landmarks? In this column, I’ve included a handful of unique and sometimes bizarre photos of items that can be found in public places all over Temecula. Take a look at the photo and see if you can figure out what and where exactly it is, then click the link for the answer.

Save the swing!

To My Homeowners Association: Please Don’t Break My Daughter’s Heart

Recently, my husband and I received a letter from the Paseo del Sol Homeowners Association Board of Directors, dated January 9th, 2015, stating that there was a vote held on December 1st and a new rule was adopted regarding “play equipment.”

The best places to grab a drink in the Temecula Valley

The Best Places to Grab a Drink in the Temecula Valley

I have compiled a list of some of the best Happy Hours and drink and food specials around town and I am sharing it with you, dear readers, because nothing means more to me than your good time. On my list, I have locations that are fairly new to the area, a few old favorites, and even some cool haunts off the beaten path; places you may not even know about but could be right in your own backyard.

My daughter watching Curious George on television

10 Unanswered Questions About PBS Kids’ “Curious George”

This column is for all the moms, dads and grandparents who have, or once had, preschool-age children who watched everyone’s favorite primate on television. As I’m sure some of you can relate, I’ve had two children obsessed with the little brown monkey.

7 ways for a non-wine drinker to enjoy wine tasting

7 Ways For a Non-Wine Drinker to Enjoy Wine Tasting… Or… 7 Ways To Fake It

I have a confession. I don’t drink wine. It’s just not my beverage of choice. In fact, I was relieved when all these breweries started popping up in the valley because I no longer felt like I was somehow a traitor to my beloved hometown.

Historic Hotel Temecula

15 Things That (No Longer) Perplex Me About the Temecula Valley: PART 1

What choice did I have but to do a little research and actually answer some of the questions that have been not only weighing on my mind, but apparently on yours as well. It is still a work in progress; I’m still waiting to hear from a few city workers on the city streets questions, for example, but I figured I would get you started with what I have discovered thus far.