Promenade Temecula Leadership Council

Promenade Temecula Announces Student Leadership Council

Promenade Temecula has teamed up with California State University San Marcos and Mt. San Jacinto College to launch the Promenade Temecula Leadership Council; a new program that will give Southwest Riverside County university, college and high school students the opportunity to increase their educational advancement opportunities and build career skills through mentorship from business and educational leaders in the community.

7 ways for a non-wine drinker to enjoy wine tasting

7 Ways For a Non-Wine Drinker to Enjoy Wine Tasting… Or… 7 Ways To Fake It

I have a confession. I don’t drink wine. It’s just not my beverage of choice. In fact, I was relieved when all these breweries started popping up in the valley because I no longer felt like I was somehow a traitor to my beloved hometown.